What, Why, and Who is Meaning-ism?

Thank you for finding your way to Meaning-ism.

I’m a journalism student and a student journalist; I’ve started this blog to synthesize my intellectual and professional interests and  hone my writing skills.

I’m majoring in journalism with a minor in Public Praxis and I want to write about world religions and spirituality, as well as how those intersect with culture, daily life, and social issues–the individual and the community’s search for meaning, purpose, strength, and inspiration.

As the Race and Religion beat writer for my college’s paper, I have written about how members of the Marist College community celebrate Ramadan, the Dalai Lama’s analysis of America, community service at the college level, and the escapades of a Holocaust escapee. Read some of my published work at http://www.twitter.com/gailagoldsmith.

Religion fascinates me; it is so pervasive. This compulsion for order, purpose, and meaning that drove our ancestors to create complex mythologies to explain natural phenomena still drives us today. Religious themes touch and inform philosophy, literature, pop culture. Our place on the spectrum of belief shapes our worldview and our actions.

Religion is an affirming and inspiring for awe-inspiring good–and yet, religion has influenced some of the horrors of history and present.

You know this.

I know this.

Let’s talk about it.


Why is journalism an “-ism”?

“-ism” is a suffix more commonly associated with philosophies and religions.

An interesting perspective: In JOURNALISM IS ITSELF A RELIGION: Special Essay on Launch of The Revealer, Jay Rosen compares the operational philosophy of journalism to a religion, noting that the God-term of Journalism is The Public, citing The Journalist’s Creed, and drawing trenchant conclusions about the state and future of Journalism.


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